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We are the Spina Bifida Family Network (SBFN). Among the many things our families have in common is a child who was born with Spina Bifida. Our children are gifted in many ways, yet also face medical challenges throughout their lives. For some, Spina Bifida's impact can be minimal. For others, it can be quite complicated. The SBFN was formed to help families deal with these diversities. We share experiences and learn from each other. Our meetings also provide social opportunities for our children. It's very beneficial for them to feel a sense of belonging. When it comes to decisions about our children, we find comfort in knowing we do not face challenges alone. In partnership with our medical providers and each other, we find the support and knowledge we need to live happy, healthy lives.

When this group was first started over 10 years ago, we fell in love with a poem called Welcome to Holland by Emily Perl Kingsley.  This poem is a beautiful way of explaining some of the many feelings our families go through.  If you look closely at our SBFN logo, you will see the little girl holding a tulip...a small piece of this poem incorporated into our logo.
Welcome to Holland Poem

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